XML Kitchen Sink Part 1: Sinks

W3C Note 1 April 2001

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XML Kitchen Sink specifies the XML Kitchen Sink language which provides facilities the repair of kitchen sinks using XML 1.0 documents with the additional XML Namespace facility, thus providing an powerful luxury to expert plumbers by allowing them to remain in their own homes, saving a good deal of work. As this is an XML User specification, benefits for the homeowner are out of scope for this specification. This specification depends on XML Kitchen Sink Part 2: Plumbing.

XML Kitchen Sink was developed in secret by the Internation Association of Sink Manufacturers™ and is an Open Specification™. Membership to the Internation Association of Sink Manufacturers is required to join the XML Kitchen Sink Working Group and costs approximately US$9,127,439 per hour.

Status of this document

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This document is a Note made available by W3C for discussion only. This work does not imply endorsement by, or the consensus of the W3C membership, nor that W3C has, is, or will be allocating any resources to the issues addressed by the Note. This document is a work in progress and may be updated, replaced, or rendered obsolete by other documents at any time.

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XML Kitchen Sink provides a much needed enhancement to the XML 1.0 [XML] Language. Its purpose is to define the necessary definitions to allow XML to be adopted by the important Plumbing and Sinks communities. These communities will play an important part in the development and creation of the Semantic Web, by insuring that a working sink is easily acessible to anyone with a Web browser.

XML Kitchen Sink Part 1: Sinks (XKSP) uses the XML Kitchen Sink (XKS) system to define the creation XKS Sink Descriptions (XSD). XSD documents can be integrated into the XKS Ontology Network (XON) for semantically enhanced data interchange. For interoperability, this should be done using the XML Ontology File Format (XOFF). Web Acessible versions of these specifications (WAXON and WAXOFF) are forthcoming. Soon after, internationalized versions (IWAXON and IWAXOFF) should be available. These specifications are expected to be fully compatible with the Device Independent Enhancements to XML (DIEXML). No compatibility is planned with the Kinetic International Logic Layer for Active Computerized Respectable Online Nameserver-based Yodelling Megaphones (KILLACRONYMs).

Normative References to Other Specifications

XML Kitchen Sink requires [XML], [XML-Base], [XML-Encryption], [XML-Link], [XML-Protocol], [XML-Query], [XML-Schema], [XML-Signature], [XML-Infoset], [XML-Namespaces], [XPath], [XPointer] and [XSLT].

Non-Normative References

None. (There's nothing left to reference.)

Namespaces Used

Each namespace in this document is stored at a persistent URI of the form:


XML Kitchen Sink defines the following namespaces:

XML Sink Description Document
XML Sink Description Contents

Details of a Kitchen Sink


An XSD document consists of an outer document element:


<!-- rest of document goes here -->



Inside the document is a contents element:


<!-- rest of document -->



The rest of an XSD document will be defined by future specifications.


If an XSD document contains the same namespace used twice, conforming plumbers must rub their chin, suck in some air, and say "Oooh, that's gonna cost ya."

All namespaces must include a copy of this specication inside a Processing Instruction at the top of their document.

Any string formally interpreted as a URI should now be interpreted as a Drain Universal Message Box (DUMB) indicating a specific condition of a drain. For example, the URI of this document represents a tennis ball lodged in the U bend.

Past and Future Considerations

All past specs using or defining XML retroactively include this standard as a normative reference. Future specs using XML implicitly include this standard as a normative reference.

Internationalization Issues

This standard defines the United States of America as the center of the Universe. The default language for an XKS document is en-US and only ASCII characters may be used.

Intellectual Property Rights

XML Kitchen Sink™ is a trademark of the Internation Association of Sink Manufacturers™ (IASM) and covered under numerous patents and intellectual property claims. By reading this specification you hearby agree to donate your first-born male child to the IASM. By not reading this specification you agree to hand over your first-born female child to the IASM. If you have no children, nor plan to, you must donate someone else's child.

If your or any other implementation of this standard fails to meet the criteria specified in the section on Conformance, or any other criteria that the IASM may issue now, in the future or in the past, you agree to mail your soul along with a self addressed stamped envelope to Department of Sold Souls, 1 Dead Way, Redmond, WA, USA.

This specification MUST NOT be reproduced as cheesy shovelware without the express written consent of the Cheese and Shovels Comittee.


This note was prepared with the assistance of Jonathan Borden, Sean B. Palmer and Aaron Swartz.