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Google Sets: enron, worldcom

posted by wmf at 2002-06-29 16:47 (permalink)

wmf: via NTK


posted by wmf at 2002-06-28 23:56 (permalink)

wmf: Fire when ready.
wmf: (Since I posted this to swhack and not HTP, am I blogstreaming?)

the services grid

posted by bitsko at 2002-06-28 15:25 (permalink)

bitsko: Jon refers to Graham Glass discussing grid computing as the future, detailing the use of SOAP toolkits and "The server publishes a named interface; the client asks to bind to it; Gaia makes the connection. If multiple instances are running, work is distributed among them. If an instance dies, failover is automatic."
bitsko: This is about as non-RESTful as one can get, if it's truly as described.
bitsko: So instead of having the grid computer simply be a distributed tuple space, with everything at a URL, and processing happening asynchronously, we're locked into APIs and either synchronous or over-layered-asynchronous distributed objects.
bitsko: With a little hope that the SOAPsters are "getting" REST, the worst won't come to pass, but we'll have to wait and see.

Transmeta gadgets and paradigm shift gear grinding

posted by bitsko at 2002-06-28 15:09 (permalink)

bitsko: describes a gadget using a Transmeta Crusoe CPU in a "PDA box" that then plugs into your desktop, then you can move into your laptop.
bitsko: but I have to ask, what's the big deal?
bitsko: I can see the nicety of having, say, a FireWire drive with a nice PDA screen and input; but then you plug it in to your N-Way desktop or laptop and it becomes "just another CPU".
bitsko: even better, you're running either a VM (Java, CLR) or portable binaries (Amiga VP Code) so that you can use the low-powered Transmeta Crusoe alongside your high-powered Intel or PowerPC.

The Future of Audiogalaxy

posted by AaronSw at 2002-06-28 03:51 (permalink)

AaronSw: You get to vote!

C: A Dead Language?

posted by wmf at 2002-06-28 00:56 (permalink)

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