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Mitnick Details Sprint Hack

posted by AaronSw at 2002-06-26 21:04 (permalink)

Archivist seeks dot-com plans / Cycle may prove instructive

posted by AaronSw at 2002-06-26 19:45 (permalink)


posted by AaronSw at 2002-06-26 14:58 (permalink)

AaronSw: BSD licenses for registrar and registry software
AaronSw: heh, the anti-mcluhanites use the term global village.
AaronSw: "Literally put our computers in the back of a station wagon, drove down to the SEC and configured their T1 line."

Space shuttle engineers use Python to streamline mission design

posted by AaronSw at 2002-06-26 02:36 (permalink)

GNU wdiff

posted by AaronSw at 2002-06-26 00:30 (permalink)

The Thunderthief: Take the bull by the horns, darling, what do you say?

posted by sbp at 2002-06-26 00:14 (permalink)

sbp: Normally, it's difficult to make "it rocks" stretch out for eight paragraphs... The Thunderthief is certainly an album worth buying, though, especially if you're a musician yourself: there are such an enourmous range of influences expressed on the album it's incredible. Anyway, judge from the review.

America, WAKE-UP! "Quadrant Sign Code"--EXPOSED!

posted by wmf at 2002-06-25 23:58 (permalink)

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