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Life Jackets Issued To All Americans For Some Reason

posted by Ash-w at 2002-06-07 17:23 (permalink)

Ash-w: "I'm not sure I like this," said Dan Speigel, a Seattle advertising executive. "Why do I have to wear this thing on the bus when I go to work?a bus, I might add, which is now equipped with side pontoons and driven by a uniformed Coast Guard officer?"
sbp: alternative explaination: "Boss, we have half a billion surplus life jackets for some reason!" "Time to call in a favour from Congress"

Congress Threatens To Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol Is Built

posted by jillium at 2002-06-07 17:11 (permalink)

sbp: the story with the Chinese rip-off (original)

Reeled In by a Spoof, Chinese Daily Shrugs Off Its Capitol Error

posted by jillium at 2002-06-07 17:07 (permalink)

sbp: From the Los Angeles Times, via. the Chicago Tribune

Amphetadesk Rocks!

posted by sbp at 2002-06-07 13:24 (permalink)

sbp: Here's Cowboy Steve to tell you why
CowboySteve: Well according to the homepage, "it sits on your desktop, downloads the latest news that interests you, and displays them in a quick and easy to use (and customizable!) webpage". What more do you want?
sbp: Our thanks to Cowboy Steve for his impromptu visit

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