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McDonald scoops Bush interview

posted by sbp at 2002-04-05 22:03 (permalink)

OS X Email Client Showdown

posted by Morbus at 2002-04-05 20:24 (permalink)

Morbus: Doesn't rank Entourage due to its "reported instability", so entourage lovers beward.
Morbus: But hey, my favored email program is Eudora, which has mbox compatible files for each mailbox.
Morbus: "Unfortunately, there are still some very noticeable pitfalls to Mailsmith. First of all, it has no HTML viewing capabilities, which will be annoying if you rely on email that has HTML formatting."
Morbus: This is not a shortcoming.
Morbus: This is enlightenemnt.
redmonk: Preach it brother.
sbp: Testify!
Morbus: You betta recognize!
redmonk: "Gentlemen, testify!"

Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry

posted by AaronSw at 2002-04-05 04:27 (permalink)

AaronSw: Hilarious!

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