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Fun with genomics

posted by rillian at 2002-02-09 02:32 (permalink)

rillian: searching for english words in protein sequences
rillian: exciting finds include 'villainy', 'savagism', 'revealed', 'papering', and 'gedanken'

Music Firms Losing Digital Piracy Fight

posted by sbp at 2002-02-09 02:15 (permalink)

sbp: Aaron will freak at the use of the word "piracy" yet again, although he acknowledged that the semantics of the word do appear to be changing
sbp: from this article: """US industry executives believe that 5% of CD sales were lost to digital piracy last year, and as much as 10% could be at risk this year."""
sbp: That's interesting, because I argued that much or all of the 5% loss from last year was probably due to the abundance of terrible corporate-teen-bands; the lack of decent music on the market
sbp: It'll take me a while to concede, but if the rate keeps dropping over the next couple of years, then I guess it'll be beyond doubt
sbp: Personally, I believe that CD quality audio is sufficiently higher than that of MP3 to make me buy CDs. I still buy CDs, because I don't want slushy drums and bass
sbp: What's that you say? You can't tell the diference? Perhaps you're one of those people who listened to MiniDisc when it came out, and exclaimed "it sounds so much better than CD!"

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