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Salon.com Technology | Public money, private code

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-06 21:11 (permalink)

Cypherpunks RIP

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-06 21:03 (permalink)

CELL: The (P2P) Network is the Computer

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-06 19:58 (permalink)

AaronSw-UK: Jointly developed by Sony, IBM and Toshiba with the father of the PlayStations. The interview with him is quite interesting.
AaronSw-UK: "I would like to stress is that the concept of packaging, or box, would disappear in the broadband era. Same thing can be said of the concept of servers and clients. A band of CELL would assume the role of the existing computer system and would establish a living organism like the real cell. [...] creation of another world is possible if we were able to collect CELLs that equal to the capacity of 5 billion people."
sbp: For those who can afford a supercomputer, but don't have a large enough room to put it in
AaronSw-UK: Not at all -- don't you see? The idea is to create a giant supercomputer by combining the speed of every computer in the world via fiber optic cable.
sbp: And what's stopping anyone from doing that using existing hardware and software?
AaronSw-UK: Nothing, I guess. It's just interesting that big names are doing it. Every PlayStation user is a nice userbase to start from.
sbp: It's an interesting development - I always get excited when an incredibly fast new chip is developed, or new networking ideas surface - I've just seen it often enough before. When the Alpha chip came out, people were stunned... now, my own computer is four times faster. The best desktop computers are nearly ten times as fast
sbp: Ooh: """According to the sources, the firms intend to make the source code of the finished OS available to other companies in an attempt to make it the global standard of the anticipated high-speed Internet age."""

Apple's Hompage (MWSF 02)

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-06 17:24 (permalink)

AaronSw-UK: via BoingBoing
AaronSw-UK: I especially like the 5, 4 countdown.

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