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OSDN - Self Serve Ad System

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-05 22:50 (permalink)

AaronSw-UK: Get your name on Slashdot!
AaronSw-UK: OSDN jumps on the do-it-yourself ads bandwagon (1, 2).

Go to: The Story of the Math Majors, Bridge Players, Engineers, Chess Wizards, Scientists and Iconoclasts who were the Hero Programmers of the Software Revolution

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-05 22:29 (permalink)

AaronSw-UK: Buy: Amazon, isbn.nu
AaronSw-UK: A good book -- I knew much of the history, but many of the anecdotes and short histories in this book were new to me. The author writes well, tying everything together very nicely, but his dumbed-down explanations of technical concepts are a bit grating at times.

Disturbing Search Requests

posted by sbp at 2002-01-05 21:59 (permalink)

sbp: More wonderful nonsense from the vicinity of weblogs.com. Ah, the hillarity
sbp: ""warm and fuzzy" tingle me rabbi" gets the swhack award for both funniest and most disturbing search result
sbp: Or would that be "request"? I don't know what I'm typing anymore

Eric Seidel - OpenAG

posted by AaronSw-UK at 2002-01-05 18:03 (permalink)

AaronSw-UK: A GPL/LGPL AudioGalaxy client for UNIX and OS X

Fonts: Serif vs. Sans-Serif

posted by sbp at 2002-01-05 00:10 (permalink)

sbp: Sans-serif wins out on this one, because it's easier to read on screen media
AaronSw-UK: Just wait until we get electronic paper...

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