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Linux; a replacement for Windows, or a Marxist fantasy?

posted by sbp at 2002-01-01 17:32 (permalink)

sbp: """The world I see is not the same world that the open source advocates see. I think the open source advocates are seeing their fantasies, not the real world."""
sbp: Although there is some generalization (i.e. I can relate to this for some FS people, but certainly not all), it's well written, and well worth reading
sbp: And I don't particularly believe that open source ideals are as succeptable to corruption as communist ideals, although that's open for debate. It's an interesting analogy, all the same
sbp: Heh: """As I read those remarks, I felt the flash of pity for all Europeans who are suffering under oppressive governments that prevent them from purchasing guns. [...] The Europeans are not a free people who enjoy life; rather, they are denied basic freedoms, such as owning guns."""

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