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UK Trip

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-25 12:18 (permalink)

AaronSw: Well, I'm off for a trip to the UK for a couple weeks. I hope to see a lot of friends and have a great time, but updates and email responses might be sparse while I'm gone.
AaronSw: See you all later!
AaronSw-UK: Hi there, here I am in London. The flight was great -- we got a 777 by accident. Have a nice hotel, and went on a tour of the city yesterday.
AaronSw-UK: We had endless trouble getting an Internet connection. AOL seems to have some problems with OS X, and the phone cords here are funny, etc. But now we're on...
AaronSw-UK: (2001-12-27) On again, off again... <sigh /> Anyone know of a decent Internet provider in the UK? Still haven't been able to check my email, but did see the very interesting easyEverything, a completely automated Internet café. They apparently got rid of the humans that ran the physical place recently, and now have people email their questions to the managers.
AaronSw-UK: Loyal reader Julian Bond (hi there!) points me to Madasafish as an ISP. I already tried BTI (on tav's suggestion) for a bit and had no luck -- perhaps this will be better.
AaronSw-UK: Well, we got a temporary AOL account which seems to work, while sparing us some really outrageous hotel phone bills.

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