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Create RSS channels from HTML news sites

posted by sbp at 2001-12-19 23:26 (permalink)

AaronSw: See also syndicate your page

Chaffing and Winnowing: Confidentiality without Encryption

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-19 22:00 (permalink)

AaronSw: By Ronald L. Rivest
AaronSw: Fascinating!

International Date Format Campaign

posted by sbp at 2001-12-19 01:56 (permalink)


posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-19 01:26 (permalink)

AaronSw: "Intellectual property may, in a few years, sound as strange to the ears as 'reasonable attorney fees', 'low tar cigarettes', and 'Zero Administration Windows' do today."
AaronSw: "Bits are virtual; atoms are real. The rule of thumb is that if you can't kick it, you can't sue it."
sbp: What are "adult materials"?
sbp: From the first in the series: "Unless otherwise noted, this article is copyright 2001 Dan Kohn". I wonder if the fact that the essay start with the words "Steal this essay" constitutes "otherwise noted"?

Misplaced Modifiers

posted by sbp at 2001-12-19 01:02 (permalink)

sbp: """[...] New Scientist magazine had referred to a Health and Safety information sheet on bouncy castles with the title inflatable children's play equipment."""

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