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Cartoonbank.com - New Yorkistan Cover

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-13 20:40 (permalink)

AaronSw: And this letter.

Support the EFF!

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-13 16:00 (permalink)

AaronSw: Larry Lessing Wants You!
AaronSw: Powered By Freedom

Geminids Start Tomorrow

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-13 04:39 (permalink)

AaronSw: Tips on observing the Geminids.
AaronSw: and some more detailed tips on where and when.
sbp: cf. a related talk

Peter Suber, Nomic

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-13 00:20 (permalink)

Morbus: Awesome game, and an AmphetaDesk user.
AaronSw: We have to play this game sometime.
Morbus: Morbus actually tried to start a bulletin board game based on this once (link forthcoming).
AaronSw: link via deltab in the RDFIG chump.
Morbus: Ah, here's that Message Board Nomic that failed miserably.

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