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SWN: Terms for the Semantic Web

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-10 04:59 (permalink)

AaronSw: Further proof of Sean's insanity.
sbp: As if you needed it?


posted by sbp at 2001-12-10 04:27 (permalink)

AaronSw: I respond.

Re: Python, Tcl and Perl, oh my! (was Re: tcl vs. perl)

posted by sbp at 2001-12-10 03:23 (permalink)

AaronSw: I really hate how python-list got deleted from Yahoogroups.
AaronSw: It's interesting that in this letter DanC says that he'll probably never need to use Python.
AaronSw: Dan's homepage from around that time is interesting too. He used to have a webcam.

Hanukkah: the essence

posted by sbp at 2001-12-10 02:52 (permalink)

sbp: Light those menorahs, spin those dredels, it's the first night of Hannukah, ooh!
AaronSw: Fun, fun, fun!
AaronSw: The moder-day irony of it is killing me, though.
AaronSw: err modern
sbp: "Happy Hannukah, Monica", sings Phoebe

Welch's Grape Juice

posted by sbp at 2001-12-10 02:47 (permalink)

sbp: Most people liked girls, (or boys if they were girls), but not Aaron; oh no, he had to be different
sbp: """More and more pediatricians are recommending White 100% Grape Juice as the best juice to introduce to infants and toddlers."""
sbp: This is Aaron
sbp: s/Aaron/Aaron's childhood love/
AaronSw: Isn't it sad how sbp has to hide his true feelings by projecting them on others?
sbp: Shhhh!
AaronSw: Perhaps sbp should "Register with Welch's Grapelink to become part of a community of Welch's consumers who receive product updates, coupons and special values from us."
sbp: Never even tried it, funnily enough. Must be an American thang

Google MentalPlex FAQ

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-10 00:43 (permalink)

sbp: """While MentalPlex does have the potential of probing your deepest darkest secrets and desires, this information is only used in aggregate and rarely sold to advertisers unless they ask very, very nicely."""

IM->IRC Relay Server

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-10 00:36 (permalink)

AaronSw: Very nicely done.
AaronSw: Installed on idlenet as AimServ, but doesn't seem to be working right now.

Cool XPointers Do Change?

posted by sbp at 2001-12-10 00:12 (permalink)

sbp: Why XPointer must not go to recommendation in its current state

The Problem With Fragments

posted by AaronSw at 2001-12-10 00:07 (permalink)

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