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Sputnix: An Audiogalaxy Client for Mac

posted by AaronSw at 2001-11-25 22:15 (permalink)

AaronSw: See also the Mac Update page.

Re: Namespaces wihtout "#" Was: Few CWM Bugs

posted by sbp at 2001-11-25 15:47 (permalink)

ElectionMethods.org: Studying Alternate Voting Systems

posted by AaronSw at 2001-11-25 05:41 (permalink)

AaronSw: As is well-known, our current voting system promotes a two-party system. Instant Runoff Voting is the popular solution. However, Condorcet is a simple and more effective system.
AaronSw: These people really want to change the way Americans vote and invite you to tell your friends.

Microsoft Cuts Down on "Family Piracy" with new Windows XP Family License

posted by AaronSw at 2001-11-25 04:57 (permalink)

AaronSw: <sarcasm>Wow, you mean I can install Windows XP on a second computer for the low, low price of $190? Awesome!</sarcasm>
AaronSw: A Slashdot reader responds with a biting parody.

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