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topic is: Almost everything has a rational explanation... except for spandex
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00:11:16 [sbp]
* sbp is sorta tryin'ta write a song
00:11:56 [sbp]
Hey, I could use IRC to transcribe what I write. Cool idea
00:16:25 [sbp]
00:17:38 [sbp]
00:17:45 [sbp]
A something or other
00:18:13 [sbp]
er... Major :-)
00:18:50 [sbp]
no 6th? that'd be 7th on the 5th
00:20:41 [sbp]
FMaj9/C... CMaj7 G BbMaj7 F
00:21:31 [AaronSw]
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00:22:12 [sbp]
Hmm... C(I) to CMaj7(III) is quite cool. What was the prograssion I had after that?
00:22:17 [sbp]
Hi Aaron
00:22:35 [AaronSw]
00:22:50 [AaronSw]
How's it going?
00:23:02 [AaronSw]
Sorry for dropping out on you last night... I fell asleep and then Shabbat started.
00:24:08 [AaronSw]
Cool, I like that #swhack weblog
00:24:10 [sbp]
Ggrgmrgrp, I thought that chord didn't sound like AMaj: it's AMaj,9
00:24:14 [AaronSw]
00:24:25 [sbp]
Dropping out, that's fine
00:24:26 [sbp]
00:24:58 [AaronSw]
Did you generate #swhack automatically?
00:25:02 [AaronSw]
Hmm, doesn't look like it.
00:25:10 [AaronSw]
Heh: Bringing you reams of news, fresh from the Bayou for $99.99!
00:25:21 [sbp]
oh, the Weblog! Sorry, I wondered what you were talking about for a seond there...
00:25:37 [AaronSw]
What's with that logo?
00:25:40 [sbp]
No, I didn't generate it automatically, my server can't do those sort of things... :-)
00:25:45 [sbp]
the logo: just a placeholder
00:25:55 [sbp]
I'll put in a cooler one if/when you set it up
00:25:57 [sbp]
00:26:02 [sbp]
it's not too colorful, no?
00:26:14 [AaronSw]
Well, I'm not too fond of the color scheme...
00:26:23 [AaronSw]
Perhaps look up a good color scheme page?
00:26:37 [AaronSw]
Maybe we should just get the chump, looking at that?
00:26:47 [sbp]
Yeah, it works alright
00:28:07 [sbp]
* sbp backs up his 8 minute "Heroes And Villains" track
00:28:20 [AaronSw]
Hmm, but it'd be better if it was fractal, like DanC was saying.
00:28:37 [tav`]
00:28:50 [AaronSw]
Hey tav, feeling better?
00:29:05 [tav`]
00:29:09 [tav`]
much better thanks
00:29:15 [AaronSw]
that's good.
00:29:20 [tav`]
feeling real shitty for having wasted two days though
00:29:33 [AaronSw]
00:29:35 [AaronSw]
Have you read "Mirror Worlds"?
00:30:31 [sbp]
Ooh, AMaj,9 Em7 GMaj7 AMaj
00:30:37 [tav`]
hmz, nope
00:31:09 [AaronSw]
You really should -- I was re-reading parts of it today and it fits well into your vision.
00:31:17 [AaronSw]
TODO: Search for Internet-scale Linda systems
00:31:28 [sbp]
* sbp has to try this on Fender/Marshall...
00:31:54 [tav`]
a short summary?
00:32:06 [tav`]
hmz, can we talk in #esp?
00:32:15 [tav`]
sbp: you can join us there
00:32:34 [tav`]
00:32:56 [AaronSw]
(is the server)
00:34:29 [sbp]
Hmm... I quite like this, but it needs 2/3 guitars
00:34:38 [AaronSw]
2/3s of a guitar?
00:34:44 [AaronSw]
00:34:44 [sbp]
2 or 3
00:35:17 [sbp]
your joke wasn't actually as jokey as it could have been, since there are plenty of 2/3 size guitars about
00:36:35 [sbp]
Hmm... I'm not sure what octave to put this in
00:37:51 [sbp]
00:37:54 [sbp]
sounds good too
00:38:54 [sbp]
AMaj DMaj7 CMaj7 G makes a good variation
00:40:19 [sbp]
Hmm... this is one to mull on
00:40:24 [AaronSw]
ugh, so much stuff to do tonight
00:40:35 [sbp]
Usually my songwriting consists of two types: fragments, and sequencing
00:40:56 [sbp]
tonight seems to be a fragment night, coming up with bits of songs. Dunno how they'll fit together yet
00:41:09 [sbp]
sort of like your triples for the Internet vision, eh Aaron?
00:41:27 [AaronSw]
00:43:09 [sbp]
Ah, I remember that sequence now
00:43:24 [sbp]
It's C CMaj7 FMaj D7 FMaj D9 GMaj
00:45:52 [sbp]
Cookoos In May
00:46:22 [sbp]
er... that'd be Cuckoo
00:46:47 [sbp]
stupid onomatopoeic spelling forms
00:49:15 [sbp]
* sbp wonders why he can't even touch the quality of his songs a year and a half or so ago
00:50:53 [sbp]
I guess I don't write as often as I used to
00:53:35 [sbp]
This is quite neat: Bm7/ESus11 Db5,6 GMaj ASus7
00:54:03 [AaronSw]
Hmm, maybe you should write an RDF Schema for this stuff.
00:54:13 [sbp]
00:54:17 [sbp]
RDF Schema, lol!
00:54:33 [AaronSw]
Then you can create a Web service so I can listen to them ;)
00:55:33 [sbp]
Just use my musical note URN thing
00:55:55 [AaronSw]
Yeah, I know but beyond that...
00:56:01 [AaronSw]
you need timing, association with text
00:56:06 [sbp]
I reckon a simplified Western-scale version of that might be cool
00:56:22 [sbp]
timing: yeah, but an RDF Schema can handle that :-)
00:57:08 [sbp]
E F Fs G Ab A Bb B C Db D Eb
00:57:21 [sbp]
Shame it can't use "#"
00:57:58 [AaronSw]
Why not?
00:58:19 [sbp]
well, if it did, it would have to be URI encoded
00:58:38 [AaronSw]
Oh, true.
01:01:04 [sbp]
:Chord rdfs:subClassOf rdf:Bag .
01:02:17 [sbp]
:AMaj7 a :Chord; rdf:_1 <urn:urn-x:E>; rdf:_2 <urn:urn-x:A>; rdf:_3 <urn:urn-x:Ab>; ; rdf:_4 <urn:urn-x:Db> .
01:02:37 [sbp]
s/ ;/
01:02:56 [AaronSw]
Heh! And the timing?
01:03:17 [sbp]
[ :chord :AMaj; :duration :1Bar ] .
01:03:28 [sbp]
01:04:48 [sbp]
You could make a set of the above, like :AMaj7_4beats :EMaj_2beats
01:04:53 [sbp]
and come up with a song
01:05:27 [sbp]
:Song rdfs:subClassOf rdf:Seq .
01:09:39 [sbp]
[ a :Song; rdf:_1 :FMaj_4beats; rdf:_2 :Em7_2beats; rdf:_3 :A7_2beats; rdf:_4 :Dm_3beats; rdf:_5 :Dm7_1beat; rdf:_6 :Bb_2beats; rdf:_7 :C7_2beats; rdf:_8 :FMaj_3beats; rdf:_9 :Dm_2beats; rdf:_10 :G7_2beats; rdf:_11 :Bb_1beat; rdf:_12 :FMaj_3beats ] .
01:10:06 [sbp]
[ a :SongIntro; rdf:_1 :FMaj_8beats ] .
01:11:41 [AaronSw]
01:11:53 [sbp]
Guess the song (or play it)
01:12:28 [AaronSw]
I'm no good at guitar notation.
01:12:44 [sbp]
It's the intro and first verse to "Yesterday"
01:13:12 [sbp]
I should have dc:title'd it really :-)
01:13:20 [AaronSw]
01:13:46 [sbp]
It'd be good if there were a superset of NTriples with prefixes
01:14:44 [AaronSw]
Yeah, I want to use that in the primer.
01:14:54 [AaronSw]
Perhaps a little more..
01:15:05 [sbp]
URIs are just too long to use in NTriples
01:15:17 [sbp]
prefixes would make NTriples usable, IMO
01:15:55 [sbp]
of course, all we have to do is write in Notation3 and then convert to NTriples, but still...
01:17:36 [AaronSw]
Why would you want to use it though?
01:17:38 [sbp]
Tim's started on cryptograpy for CWM
01:17:54 [sbp]
use what: NTriples? Because it's easy to parse. Piss easy
01:18:02 [AaronSw]
Ooh, cryptography.
01:18:20 [AaronSw]
Yeah, XNT or NT should be RDF interchange format
01:18:40 [sbp]
01:18:49 [sbp]
01:20:08 [sbp]
XML RDF should probably be binned...
01:20:28 [sbp]
I guess I should call it M&S XML RDF
01:20:40 [AaronSw]
01:21:14 [sbp]
how are you doing on your perfect Python API for RDF?
01:21:30 [AaronSw]
Haven't had a while to mess with it, i suppose.
01:21:57 [AaronSw]
So it hasn't changed much.
01:22:03 [AaronSw]
Been thinking about it though...
01:22:03 [sbp]
Uh huh
01:22:36 [sbp]
I've been wondering about representing literals
01:23:28 [sbp]
NTriples has to be parsed into a document context now, because of the anonymous (or whatever) nodes
01:23:40 [sbp]
so perhaps literals should have unique IDs too, bound to that context
01:23:43 [AaronSw]
Ooh, literals -- good point. I forgot about that.
01:24:09 [AaronSw]
I'll just give them URIs. ;-)
01:24:47 [sbp]
well, you need to give them *some* ID. Doesn't have to be a URI, but can be
01:28:53 [sbp]
the question is, "what shall we call Elky?"
01:40:50 [AaronSw]
01:41:08 [AaronSw]
Terje: "Those who make a 20-line XML parser in Perl to use an XHTML document as a resource file format, where link text conveys not only minimal target information but rather a complete sentence, would do well to keep that in mind. There are several less esoteric applications for this kind of link extraction and more ways to treat a web "page" then is immediately obvious to Jakob Nielsen and the IBM tech-writer team. :-)"
01:41:37 [sbp]
01:50:06 [sbp]
How long do you think it will take to install 10.1?
01:53:22 [AaronSw]
Umm, it didn't take that long on the other machine. Perhaps 15-30 min.
01:53:22 [AaronSw]
01:53:38 [sbp]
Just wondered
01:53:46 [sbp]
I've got to run soon
01:53:55 [sbp]
The F2F starts at 9AM on Monday!
01:53:59 [sbp]
01:54:13 [AaronSw]
Wow, do you have to set up a lot of stuff?
01:54:29 [sbp]
I've no idea
01:54:50 [sbp]
It's going to be some learning experience! Like an 8 hour teleconference, I guess
01:54:56 [AaronSw]
01:55:04 [AaronSw]
Have you read the guide for W3C F2F Hosts?
01:55:16 [sbp]
Sometime, I think so
01:55:25 [AaronSw]
You might want to review it.
01:55:45 [sbp]
* sbp does so now
01:56:09 [sbp]
Ooh, name badges
01:57:41 [AaronSw]
01:57:50 [AaronSw]
Aww, shoot.
01:58:07 [sbp]
01:58:21 [AaronSw]
I overwrote my oldRDF test case with the NT version...
01:58:55 [sbp]
that's good!
01:58:58 [sbp]
01:59:39 [AaronSw]
01:59:48 [AaronSw]
I think I read that before...
02:00:20 [AaronSw]
It's weird how Lynx gets so happy that I'm not quitting.
02:01:47 [sbp]
"Do I know you from someplace?": you always say that to new people!
02:01:56 [AaronSw]
Have a better suggestion?
02:02:09 [AaronSw]
I need to program it into swButler.
02:02:25 [sbp]
02:03:51 [sbp]
that's funny, I found too
02:04:13 [sbp]
but that's "E.J. Hernandez-Valencia"
02:05:02 [AaronSw]
"Adam has been very quit (publically) since that last frekus when everybody seem to gang up on him .. even Pat Hayes" Hmm, SUO seems to have quite interesting politics!
02:05:48 [sbp]
02:07:14 [AaronSw]
OK, now I'm really going to install stuff!
02:07:20 [sbp]
02:07:25 [AaronSw]
Oh wait, never mind...
02:08:23 [AaronSw]
I just thought of something else to do.
02:17:46 [tav`]
02:19:05 [sbp]
Standard Upper Ontology
02:19:10 [sbp]
02:19:14 [sbp]
02:19:18 [sbp]
02:37:18 [AaronSw]
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02:37:24 [sbp]
Homer: Purple is a fruit
02:37:57 [sbp]
sbp has quit
02:45:41 [AaronSw]
AaronSw has joined #swhack
02:45:58 [AaronSw]
Hmm, Sean musta left
02:46:06 [AaronSw]
logster, grep sbp
02:46:08 [logster]
I'm logging. I found 5897 answers for 'sbp' (showing 0...4)
02:46:09 [logster]
0) 2001-09-30 02:46:06 <AaronSw> logster, grep sbp
02:46:10 [logster]
1) 2001-09-30 02:37:57 <sbp> sbp has quit
02:46:11 [logster]
2) 2001-09-30 02:37:24 <sbp> Homer: Purple is a fruit
02:46:12 [logster]
3) 2001-09-30 02:19:18 <sbp>
02:46:13 [logster]
4) 2001-09-30 02:19:14 <sbp> er...
02:46:23 [AaronSw]
Oh well.
02:50:15 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw waves from borrowed computer, BTW
02:50:20 [Krepta3k]
Krepta3k has joined #swhack
02:50:25 [Krepta3k]
Hello. :)
02:50:42 [AaronSw]
Krepta3k, this channel is for hackers, not crackers (just FYI)
02:50:44 [AaronSw]
hi there.
02:51:38 [AaronSw]
Ahh, a freenet hacker?
02:51:43 [Krepta3k]
Yeah. :)
02:51:49 [Krepta3k]
I love freenet.
02:51:54 [AaronSw]
02:52:10 [tav`]
heh, there are only three people who have touched freenet code in the last 6 months
02:52:10 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw is more interested in Freenet-style systems that trade anonymity for speed
02:52:10 [Krepta3k]
I'm trying to get an old game to allow me Full access to it's features. It's a '94 game.
02:52:20 [Krepta3k]
But if that is cracking, then, I guess I should go. :)(
02:53:17 [AaronSw]
Yeah, that's cracking in its truest sense, I believe.
02:53:49 [Krepta3k]
Well, I don't want to bother you with that stuff then. :)
02:54:23 [AaronSw]
Heh, no worries... just don't think you'll get many answers.
02:55:04 [Krepta3k]
Most hackers and crackers that I've talked to are very VERY rude to newbies. :(
02:55:22 [AaronSw]
Yeah, same here. I think that needs fixing...
02:55:27 [AaronSw]
One person at a time, perhaps.
02:55:35 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw was a newbie once ;-)
02:55:45 [AaronSw]
Perhaps still!
02:57:08 [Krepta3k]
There was this guy on that was totaly flameing me for haveing mentioned that I appreciated the testing facilities at GRC. I, being a newbie, had absolutely no idea that GRC was such a touchy subject among the Networking and Security community.
02:57:30 [AaronSw]
02:57:41 [Krepta3k]
I still have no idea what a "Raw Socket" is, nor how one would "Bind" one.
02:57:46 [AaronSw]
02:58:06 [AaronSw]
tav, why has no one touched freenet code?
02:58:22 [Krepta3k]
touched? As in cracked?
02:58:35 [AaronSw]
as in modified
02:58:40 [Krepta3k]
02:58:51 [AaronSw]
Hmm, what are people'
02:58:56 [AaronSw]
Hmm, what are people's gripes against GRC?
02:59:01 [AaronSw]
Haven't run into that one, yet.
02:59:32 [Krepta3k]
ugh, just a bunch of stuff about bad codeing and inexperience and terrormongering or whatever.
03:00:04 [AaronSw]
03:00:54 [AaronSw]
Krepta, your name Aaron, too?
03:00:59 [Krepta3k]
They said that if the Networking/security community doesn't recognize you as an expert, you are not an expert. But how would you get them to recognize you?
03:01:06 [Krepta3k]
Yeah. Howdyaknow?
03:01:18 [AaronSw]
From #freenet
03:01:23 [Krepta3k]
Ah. :)
03:01:39 [AaronSw]
I've met two Aarons today after not running into any others on IRC before!
03:01:47 [Krepta3k]
Wow. :)
03:02:01 [Krepta3k]
I know like 4 other Aarons at church. :)
03:02:07 [AaronSw]
03:15:42 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw is away: I'm busy
03:24:06 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw is back (gone 00:08:24)
03:24:17 [AaronSw]
Odd, must be auto-away.
03:39:46 [AaronSw] | Website for the Linda group at Yale
03:39:53 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw researches Internet-scale Linda systems
03:40:42 [AaronSw]
Cool, KenM has looked at this:
03:41:00 [AaronSw]
03:45:14 [AaronSw]
Interesting, "RDFs in XML" is given as an alternative to service descriptions:
03:45:16 [AaronSw]
03:46:40 [AaronSw]
Commercial Linda:
03:46:44 [AaronSw]
Wow, even an OS X version.
03:49:46 [AaronSw]
03:50:38 [Krepta3k]
Krepta3k has quit
03:51:30 [AaronSw]
03:51:59 [AaronSw]
Seems to be part of Jini... what a mess.
03:53:10 [AaronSw]
IBM research on "TSpaces":
03:54:44 [AaronSw]
KenM points to xml-dist-app for questions
03:57:38 [AaronSw]
Hmm, DeHora seems to be interested in this... @@email him
03:57:39 [AaronSw]
04:09:36 [AaronSw]
This guy looks interesting:
04:09:37 [AaronSw]
04:10:03 [AaronSw]
especially WCL, tuple streaming
04:17:20 [AaronSw]
TODO: Listen to Jimi Hendrix
04:18:23 [AaronSw]
Hmm, PageSpaces keeps coming up:
04:18:23 [AaronSw]
04:24:31 [AaronSw]
hendrix: esp voodoo child
04:37:38 [AaronSw]
To read: Gelernter's "Machine Beauty" -- ask danbri how he liked it
04:38:36 [AaronSw]
04:49:49 [AaronSw]
dist-obj might also be a good place to email
04:50:35 [AaronSw]
LindaTalk: Linda in squeak?
04:51:02 [AaronSw]
those squeakers...
04:59:11 [AaronSw]
Mark Baker: "an application protocol supporting
04:59:11 [AaronSw]
tuple space semantics. The Web is a big tuple space. "GET"=read(),
04:59:11 [AaronSw]
"POST"=insert(), etc.. And as all dist-obj-ers should know, tuple
04:59:11 [AaronSw]
spaces are very powerful.
04:59:11 [AaronSw]
04:59:17 [AaronSw]
I had guessed as much.
05:02:34 [AaronSw]
But it's hard to do queries on the Web...
05:03:03 [AaronSw]
TupleSpaces will win out in the end... perhaps I can point to Web as example of great success?
05:03:09 [AaronSw]
Everyone does that tho.
05:03:44 [AaronSw]
Mark might know about this stuff...
05:06:08 [AaronSw]
and of course, we come back to Mark Baker and Ron Resnick... these worlds are rather intertwingled.
06:13:19 [ASwartz]
ASwartz has joined #swhack
06:13:49 [AaronSw]
AaronSw has quit
06:14:13 [ASwartz]
ASwartz is now known as AaronSw
06:14:24 [AaronSw]
wtf is up with Mac OS X?
06:14:28 [AaronSw]
This is really screwed up.
06:14:37 [AaronSw]
Dock is on the wrong monitor
06:14:52 [AaronSw]
The IE icon bounces real funky and won't stop
06:15:01 [AaronSw]
it didn't recognize my airport
06:15:09 [AaronSw]
hmm, looks like that bouncing is it calling for attention
06:15:10 [AaronSw]
06:54:03 [AaronSw]
Hmm, a lot of weird cosmetic glitches
06:54:16 [AaronSw]
I fixed the dock problem by moving the physical second monitor
06:54:44 [AaronSw]
Much faster, much prettier.
07:01:18 [grrrrr]
grrrrr has joined #swhack
07:01:33 [grrrrr]
what's the project du jour?
07:07:53 [AaronSw]
eh? No problem.
07:07:58 [AaronSw]
What problem?
07:08:08 [AaronSw]
Man, Apple really got out the GDSquad for this release.
07:08:16 [AaronSw]
Everything's got updated icons and stuff.
07:17:05 [AaronSw]
07:17:13 [AaronSw]
Icecast's HTTP implementation is really messed up.
07:17:22 [AaronSw]
These are the headers it gives for an MP3 stream:
07:17:24 [AaronSw]
HTTP/1.0 306 Grow up
07:17:24 [AaronSw]
Server: icecast/1.3.8.beta2
07:17:24 [AaronSw]
Connection: close
07:17:24 [AaronSw]
Content-Type: text/html
07:17:37 [grrrrr]
07:17:46 [AaronSw]
The 306 response doesn't even exist -- it was proposed as a Set Proxy response but was later removed.
07:17:47 [grrrrr]
wonder what my httpd sends
07:18:03 [grrrrr]
07:18:07 [grrrrr]
didnt catch that
07:18:25 [AaronSw]
Not to mention the text/html instead of x-mp3 or something.
07:18:29 [grrrrr]
where's that server?
07:18:35 [grrrrr]
yeah that's what caught my attention
07:18:41 [grrrrr]
but if its not 200 dont read it
07:30:20 [tav`]
07:30:27 [tav`]
gdsquad is used outside of esp?
08:36:33 [grrrrr]
grrrrr has quit
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14:07:12 [AaronSw]
Heh, I was wondering how long it would take tav to say that.
14:07:19 [AaronSw]
Why not? It's phenomic.
14:53:34 [sbp]
sbp has joined #swhack
14:54:58 [AaronSw]
semanticWeb-long/Class project!
14:55:07 [AaronSw]
Woo, OS X 10.1!
14:55:12 [sbp]
14:55:17 [sbp]
Hey Aaron
14:55:22 [AaronSw]
Hi there.
14:55:29 [sbp]
So, what's 10.1 like? :-)
14:55:37 [AaronSw]
It's awesome -- much prettier, faster, etc.
14:55:49 [AaronSw]
I'm rocking!
14:56:16 [sbp]
14:56:45 [AaronSw]
Took a while to install, so I commandeered another computer and dumped a ton of Linda space links into the channel... now to look them over.
14:57:23 [sbp]
this channel is so useful!
14:57:31 [sbp]
* sbp eats his Breakfast... is not at Tiffany's
14:57:41 [AaronSw]
14:58:02 [AaronSw]
Mac OS X even tells me the temperature (via SOAP)
14:58:23 [deltab]
film, song Breakfast at Tiffany's
14:58:34 [AaronSw]
Oh, right.
14:59:04 [sbp]
*and* a vague Simpsons reference!
14:59:31 [deltab]
[ :song dc:title "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ]
14:59:51 [AaronSw]
"Audrey Hepburn plays that daring, darling Holly Golightly to a new high in entertainment delight!"
14:59:55 [AaronSw]
15:00:38 [deltab]
15:00:45 [sbp]
[ a :Film; dc:title "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ] . [ a :Song; dc:title "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ] .
15:00:54 [deltab]
15:01:00 [sbp]
15:01:13 [sbp]
Who did the song?
15:01:25 [AaronSw]
Which one?
15:01:36 [AaronSw]
There's a version by Rockapella, Deep Blue SOmething, Matchbox
15:01:48 [AaronSw]
Oasis, Brown Derbies, Moxy Fruvous
15:01:59 [AaronSw]
Henry Mancini, Gin Blossoms
15:02:24 [AaronSw]
Barenaked Ladies, Audrey Hepburn
15:02:29 [sbp]
Ah, I meant the Deep Blue Something one, I think...
15:02:35 [AaronSw]
Queer as Folk, Weezer
15:02:55 [AaronSw]
15:03:10 [AaronSw]
AudioGalazy rules. ;-)
15:03:53 [AaronSw]
Interesting channel: #linuxforlesbians
15:03:57 [sbp]
15:04:40 [AaronSw]
With a website:
15:05:52 [sbp]
15:06:06 [sbp]
cool motto: "because lesbians use Linux too"
15:06:29 [AaronSw]
... Don't they?
15:06:36 [sbp]
Yeah :-)
15:06:59 [deltab]
I know at least one on this network
15:07:10 [sbp]
they're all in #linuxforlesbians
15:08:09 [deltab]
15:08:32 [AaronSw]
Heh, "like i'm fixin to die rag" is funny.
15:08:36 [sbp]
Really? Well, what's the point of having a channel then? eh?
15:08:48 [sbp]
Aaron: huh?
15:09:01 [AaronSw]
It's a song.
15:09:16 [sbp]
Ah, rag as in ragtime
15:09:48 [sbp]
I like "Nashville Skyline Rag", but I'm not playing it right now...
15:09:56 [AaronSw]
"They say the early bird gets the worm. I don't know anything about worms, but if you get to Fry's in the first 30 minutes it's open you can snag one of the last remaining 10.1 Instant-Up-To-Date packs." - Wes
15:10:06 [sbp]
I've got Walking Into Clarksdale on: When I Was A Child
15:10:40 [sbp]
"10.1" == "worm"? What is being implied here?!
15:10:56 [AaronSw]
15:12:03 [sbp]
Ooh, F2F tomorrow... scary/exciting/etc/
15:12:10 [sbp]
15:12:42 [AaronSw]
[[[And I said what about "Breakfast at Tiffany's? / She said, "I think I remember the film, / And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it." / And I said, "Well, that's the one thing we've got." ]]]
15:12:55 [sbp]
yeah, that's the one
15:13:14 [AaronSw]
Ohh, F2F -- fun!
15:13:25 [sbp]
15:13:58 [sbp]
It starts at 9AM! 9AM, I tells ya!
15:14:35 [sbp]
That means I'll have to go to bed at a sensible time. grgrgmrgh. I have a feeling I'm going to be a little tardy...
15:14:38 [AaronSw]
That's late -- move it up to 8... or 7!
15:14:47 [sbp]
15:15:21 [AaronSw]
15:15:28 [AaronSw]
Paypal files for IPO:
15:15:39 [AaronSw]
Robb Beal: "Does this sicken you or make you happy to know that the company will operate with greater transparency?"
15:15:46 [AaronSw]
15:15:58 [deltab]
do investors get the stock by e-mail?
15:16:14 [AaronSw]
15:16:57 [sbp]
no think about it, that would be so cool!
15:18:15 [deltab]
* deltab spots another bug in musicbrainz
15:18:50 [sbp]
it doesn't let you invest in it by email?
15:18:52 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw discovers 20 more in OS X
15:18:56 [AaronSw]
(bugs, that is)
15:26:36 [deltab]
eek, *another* bug
15:26:55 [AaronSw]
I hope you're reporting these, deltab?
15:27:06 [sbp]
yeah, to you, right now!
15:27:19 [sbp]
he's just not boring you with the details :-)
15:27:56 [AaronSw]
What does it mean when an Apple employee says "Imagine your the CTO of a major platform vendor." ?
15:29:09 [sbp]
they probably mean "Imagine you're the CTO of a major platform vendor."
15:29:51 [AaronSw]
Thanks, sbp. I suspected that.
15:29:56 [sbp]
15:30:07 [sbp]
glad I could be of service :-)
15:30:49 [sbp]
* sbp plays "Hey Bulldog"
15:31:58 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw plays "All along the watchtower
15:32:03 [deltab]
AaronSw: nah, I pulled down the server code and have just fixed both :-)
15:32:06 [sbp]
which version?
15:32:14 [AaronSw]
Even better, deltab
15:32:17 [AaronSw]
15:33:04 [AaronSw]
sbp, dunno -- tav was making a fuss about Jimi Hendrix, so I thought I'd download some.
15:33:37 [sbp]
Pff, get the album!
15:33:43 [sbp]
Electric Ladyland
15:34:05 [sbp]
SOme kind of innocence...
15:34:12 [sbp]
You can talk to me!
15:36:40 [sbp]
* sbp plays "I Feel Fine"
15:37:18 [AaronSw]
Hmm, I'm missing "Hey Bulldog"...
15:37:22 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw downloads
15:37:31 [sbp]
It's on Yellow Submarine
15:39:06 [sbp]
* sbp plays "Let It Be" (the album)
15:39:15 [sbp]
"Two Of Us"
15:39:37 [AaronSw]
Kevin Burton on supporting Web standards: "I wish we could just tell these people to either get with the program or get off the Internet. I guess we will just have to keep tightening the noose until they conform :)."
15:40:41 [deltab]
15:42:29 [sbp]
"Dig A Pony"
15:46:02 [AaronSw]
iTunes visualizations are quite trippy.
15:46:29 [sbp]
* sbp skips onto "Dig It"
15:47:24 [sbp]
"Let It Be"
15:48:16 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw puts on "Hey Bulldog"
15:51:24 [sbp]
"Maggie Mae"
15:51:38 [AaronSw]
shoot 10.1 took away wget!
15:51:43 [AaronSw]
Good thing I still have curl!
15:51:49 [sbp]
15:52:00 [sbp]
"I've Got A Feeling"
15:54:39 [AaronSw]
Hmm, Beatles are listed under "British Invasion"
15:54:47 [AaronSw]
"After the success of the Beatles and before the rise of Acid Rock a wave of rock bands from Britain stormed the American pop charts. From the Mod-Rock of the Who to the teen pop of Herman's Hermits to the bluesey swagger of the Stones this stuff varies in style and sound, and is really defined temporaly."
15:55:06 [sbp]
15:55:29 [AaronSw]
15:55:33 [sbp]
"One After 909"]
15:55:36 [sbp]
15:58:30 [sbp]
"The Long And Winding Road"
16:02:36 [sbp]
"For You Blue"
16:04:38 [sbp]
"Let It Be"
16:04:48 [sbp]
16:04:51 [sbp]
"Get Back"
16:05:04 [AaronSw]
This channel is so weird!
16:05:14 [sbp]
16:05:49 [sbp]
Get back, Jo-Jo!
16:06:09 [sbp]
Get back to where you once belong...
16:06:11 [sbp]
Get back Jo!
16:06:28 [sbp]
Sweet Loretta Marvin...
16:06:41 [sbp]
But she gets it while she can
16:06:56 [sbp]
Get back, Loretta!
16:07:25 [sbp]
Get back to where you once belong...
16:07:31 [sbp]
16:07:49 [sbp]
"I hope we passed the audition" :-)
16:07:54 [sbp]
Love it...
16:08:26 [AaronSw]
"Don't Let Me Down"
16:08:52 [sbp]
I usually skip that one and go straight to "Old Brown Shoe"
16:09:04 [sbp]
Perhaps I shall play it now
16:09:07 [sbp]
Gotta run
16:09:10 [sbp]
sbp has quit
16:18:16 [AaronSw]
Heh, this paper quotes danbri: "The Web is about links; the Semantic Web is about the relationships implicit in those links."
16:18:23 [AaronSw]
AaronSw has left #swhack
16:18:34 [AaronSw]
AaronSw has joined #swhack
16:18:38 [AaronSw]
16:25:02 [AaronSw]
OS X's barber pole progress bar makes it look like it's progressing even when it isn't.
18:21:30 [tav]
tav has quit
18:21:46 [tav`]
tav` has quit
18:26:18 [tav]
tav has joined #swhack
19:16:45 [AaronSw]
19:16:45 [AaronSw]
<ericP> amusing c++ error: nsMetaPackInst.h:37: warning: `class nsMetaPackInst' only defines a private destructor and has no friends
19:16:56 [AaronSw]
Suicidal C++ code?
19:17:38 [AaronSw]
* AaronSw heads outside
19:26:10 [AaronSw]
<ericP> it just needed a little direction. i think it has a sense of purpose now.
19:51:04 [logster]
* logster is already logging
21:40:34 [tav`]
tav` has joined #swhack
22:31:07 [sbp]
sbp has joined #swhack
22:32:28 [sbp]
Hello, anyone?
22:36:56 [sbp]
* sbp waves anyway :-)
22:54:56 [sbp]
sbp has quit