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Author: John Munsch
HotSheet is an RSS news retrieval program written in Java 2.
[ info ]


Author: UserLand Software
A CMS that outputs RSS 0.91 automatically.
[ use online | more info ]


Author: Brian Aker
An Apache module to display directories as RSS feeds.
[ info ]


Author: Brian Aker
A stremaing MP3 server for Apache. Outputs RSS feeds with either the entire collection of music, or only music matching a specific pattern.
[ info ]

News Center

Author: David Carter-Tod
A site that generates JavaScript for webmasters to include an RSS feed in their pages.
[ welcome | features ]


Author: Proggle
A smart headline viewer which reads RSS files as well as HTML pages.
[ download | more info ]

Online RSS Converter

Author: Jonathan Eisenzopf
An online converter between RSS 0.9, 0.91 and 1.0. However, it does not yet support the latest version of 1.0.
[ use online | info ]


Author: Ken MacLeod
Orchard RSS is a cross-language Groves-based parser for RSS. It currently works in Perl, Python and C.
[ download | info ]


Author: Rael Dornfest, et al.
A personal syndicated data aggregator living on your computer desktop. It's simple, small, P2P, Python, cross-platform, open source and supports RSS and HTML.
[ sourceforge page | more info ]


Author: Dave Beckett
A Perl-based RSS parser for RDF. Uses the Redland RDF Application Framework
[ docs | demo | demo source ]


Author: R.V. Guha and Gabe Beged-Dov
A converter from 0.9 or 0.91 to 1.0. It's written in C and is very fast.
[ use online | download ]


Author: Tristan N. Louis
An ASP script to convert an RSS 1.0 file into WML, HDML or HTML.
[ source | info ]


Author: Tristan N. Louis
An ASP script to convert an RSS 0.91 file into 1.0.
[ source | info ]

Schemas for RSS

Author: Eric van der Vlist
XML Schemas for RSS.
[ download | info ]

Schematron Validator for RSS

Author: Leigh Dodds
An RSS schema written in Schematron. It supports 0.9x and 1.0.
[ 0.9x info | 1.0 info ]


Author: The Slashcode Team, especially Brian Aker
The search engine can now output RSS feeds as does just about every other component, like the problem tracker.
[ info | sourceforge page ]


Author: Morgan Everett
A PHP newsgrabber that reads RSS files and stuffs them in a MySQL database for later use.
[ info | download ]


Author: Libby Miller
An SQL-like RDF query language. RSS is used as a demo application to show its uses.
[ info | create channel | display channel ]

Squishdot RSS Support

Author: Rael Dornfest
A DTML method file for Zope-based Squishdot to allow it to produce RSS files.
[ download | info ]

Stylesheets for RSS 1.0

Author: Eric van der Vlist
XSLT stylesheets to convert 0.9, 0.91 and specially formatted XHTML and text into 1.0.
[ use online (XHTML only) | download and info ]


Author: The Apache Project
An open source, Java and XML-based implementation of a Web portal. Reads RSS files and ouputs them in many formats.
[ more info | download ]

Weblog 2.0

Author: Jonathan Eisenzopf
An experimental platform that utilizes some of the RSS modules.
[ tutorial | demo ]


Author: Jonathan Eisenzopf
A Perl module to read and write RSS files. As of version 0.9, it does not yet support the final RSS 1.0 spec but does support 0.9 and 0.91.
[ gzipped tar | CPAN | info ]

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