Building Links

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What's a Link?

A link is a connection between two pages. Links are intercepted by Blogspace and added to the database so that Blogspace can do queries on them. Blogspace also supports links that are not included within the textual content of the page, but are added in addition to it. These are added through whatever interface you use to access Blogspace.

How do I make them?

There are several different levels of complexity to making a Blogspace link. Here are some examples:

I like <a>french fries</a> a lot.

I like <a href="frenchfries"/> a lot.

I like <a href="historyOfFrenchFries">french fries</a> a lot.

What was that?

If there's no text in between the <a> tags, then the title of the item being linked to is used as the link text. If there is text then the text is used as the link text. The attributes work as follows:

The name of the entry being linked to. If missing, then the link text, minus any special punctuation (spaces, etc.) is used as the name.

Special Links

If you create a link to "index", Blogspace will interpret as a link to the index (main) page of your Blogspace.

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